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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which services do you provide?

We provide a Let Only service and a Fully Managed service but can also provide individual services to suit specific requirements. More information or details on our services can be found on the Guide to Lettings and Management.

How much do your services cost?

Our fees are tailored to individual landlords, their situations and their properties. As an independent agent we have the luxury of offering you an individual service and fee structure.

Our fee structure is very different to other agents; we won’t hide additional charges in our small print. The management fee you agree will be an all-inclusive fee and will include for example condition reports and inspections. We don’t put extra charges on our contractor’s bills. On a Let Only, again this will include an Assured Shorthold Contract.

What if something at the property breaks?

Providing you are using our Fully Managed option we would ask one of our contractors to visit the flat to investigate the problem. If a repair is required we would organise the repair providing it falls below the pre agreed amount, if not we would seek your approval first.

For Let Only services the tenant would contact you directly.

Who would my tenant be?

That’s up to you, and as long as your request does not break any laws we will try and find your ideal tenant. All prospective tenants would be discussed with the landlord and would need to be approved before the referencing procedure is started.

All tenants are required to pass a referencing procedure in which checks are run to make sure the income is adequate to cover the rent, there is no previous history of debts such as CCJ’s, the previous landlord is happy and also includes an identity check.

Who deals with your referencing?

We use an external referencing company who will give us a simple pass or fail. This takes out any personal feelings or judgments.

Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?

Yes, you will need written approval from your lender; this is as much to protect you as it is to protect your tenants.

What regulations affect my tenancy or property?

There are a lot of regulations that affect the letting of your property and these are changing all the time. Our Guide to Lettings and Management explains most of the common ones, but if there is a specific enquiry just drop us a line.

Don’t forget if you are on a Fully Managed service you pay us to worry about regulations so you don’t have to.

What happens with the deposit?

All deposits must be protected by law now and there are 3 approved schemes. At TW we use The Deposit Protection Service for all our deposits and if you’re Fully Managed it’s all included in the price.

Do I need an inventory?

There are no regulations that insist on an inventory or schedule of condition, but the onus is on you as the landlord to prove the condition of the property if there is a dispute. We would always recommend a full condition report and inventory on every let. It not only protects you but also shows you to be a professional landlord.

If you are on a Fully Managed service then it is included. If you are on Let Only we can arrange at an extra charge if you don’t want to supply your own.

Who pays the utilities?

The tenant pays for the utilities unless otherwise agreed or when the property is empty.

What if I’m not happy with your service?

Talk to us, we are an independent company so you will always be able to talk to one of the directors who will want to help solve any issues you have.

What do I do if the tenant stops paying his rent?

This is a landlord’s biggest worry. We would always suggest talking to the tenant or even a visit to try and establish why the tenants have stopped paying. If you’re on a Fully Managed service this is what we will do. We will always try and establish a simple and easy way out of a non-payment situation and would recommend you to do this as well.

If this can’t be achieved then don’t worry, we have pre-set fixed fee agreements with local solicitors and barristers that will deal with this on yours and our behalf.

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