Things you should ask before you buy

16 Jul Things you should ask before you buy

Searching for a new house can be one of the most exciting things you can do. We’re very fortunate that, as one of the leading independent estate agent in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, we get to help people and their families find and buy their ideal homes. In fact, we probably get as much of a buzz out of completing on a property as our clients!

We aim to provide accurate and complete information packs for each of our properties to make sure that our staff are fully informed when it comes to the details of each property. However, we always recommend that as a prospective buyer, you come equipped with a set of questions to ask just in case it doesn’t come up in conversation.

We encourage you to ask questions, if we don’t know the answer we can find out which will benefit everyone – you’ll get the information you need and we will have a more complete overview of the property.

So if you are looking at a property, whether it’s with one of our agents or not, make sure you ask questions. We’ve come up with a few pointers which might help you make your decision.

Plumbing and Heating – Any kind of faults or history here could end up costing a pretty penny to repair so make sure you ask questions about the boiler – how old it is, service history etc. Take a look around at the number of radiators in the property to make sure there are enough. It’s also worth checking water pressures if you can – this can be a pain to fix and might steer your decision.

Moisture and damp – inspect the walls for any staining or discolouration. In older properties check window sills and edges for signs of condensation or leaks. Make sure you look closely at the ceilings as any staining could suggest that there is an issue with the roof and require further investigation. Replacing and fixing a roof can be an expensive business. It is also worth asking the seller if they have ever had any issue with damp or moisture in the property.

Doors and Windows – For insurance purposes make sure that all doors and windows have the relevant locks and security measures. It’s also worth checking the state of the windows – replacing them can be expensive and leaving old, worn windows where they are can end up costing you in terms of heating efficiency and of course, security. Any replacement windows will come with paperwork, make sure you ask when the windows were replaced.

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While we always try to address everything when showing you around a property it is always worthwhile to do your own research. If you would like to speak to someone about buying/selling or renting a home make sure you get in touch with the leading independent estate agent in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. You can call us on 01892 530109 or email us. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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